Content related to Information Governance

This training programme is designed to increase your awareness and understanding of our obligations under the Data Protection Act and highlight how it affects the way we work.

This course will show you how to comply with the law and TfL's policies. It will cover:

What is personal information
Why we have privacy and data protection
Handling customer information
Handling employee information
What could go wrong
Requests for personal information

Duration: 30 minutes

The course is for colleagues in the Compliance, Policing and On-street directorate.

It expands on the pan-TfL My role in privacy and data protection (GDPR) course, providing specific CPOS information.

Duration: Approx 20 minutes

Organisations, such as Transport for London (TfL), that process card payments need to prevent credit card fraud, hacking and other security threats to data. This course will explain the role you need to play in ensuring our customers’ payment card data and personal information is secure and safe.

Duration - 20 minutes

This course will show you how to correctly manage information and records when working with TfL. It will cover:

Why we manage information and records
The life cycle of information
Structuring folders and documents
Managing email
Paper Records
The Enterprise Framework

Duration: 30 minutes

What is theFreedom of Information (FOI) Act and what does it mean for you?

This course will explain how to handle Freedom of Information requests. It will cover:

Why do we have Freedom of Information
What do we need to do
Refusing a request
Your responsibilities

Duration: 30 Minutes